Distance Learning

Below is a summary of the Distance Learning for each class at Sawyers Bay School. For more information, log into Seesaw with your child’s code. You can always get hold of us for any questions or help accessing Distance Learning resources.

Please remember that all learning is optional and you can modify to suit your household’s needs. The most important aspect is keeping connected and taking care of yourself and your whanau! 


Kia ora Papatūānuku families!

I hope you and your families are all doing ok as we negotiate through another stay-cation.

Here is a little bit of information about how Distance Learning will present, for the tamariki in our class.  You’ll receive an email with a Seesaw code on it. Learning activities will be posted each day onto Seesaw. The children are familiar with how to respond to each activity and click the green tick when they’re ready to send it to me.

Parents, you know your kids best. You also know what your family work commitments are and what will work best for your child and your family in regards to Distance Learning. I’ve already heard about lots of board games being played, stories being read, walks around the neighbourhood, craft creations, and with all of those, a lot of learning is occurring! Keep up these wonderful activities that come naturally and are following your child’s passions and interests.

I LOVE seeing pictures of their games, activities, creations, drawings…anything they’d like to share with me. Your child knows how to take a picture of something and add it to Seesaw, or you can email them to me.  Thank you!

He waka eke noa.

We’re all in this together.

Hilary Campbell



Hi Hine Rau Wharangi Families

As distance learning is about to begin on Monday, we will to continue to use our LLL reading programme as much as we can so the students have access to the resources that are used in class. This will give them some continuity of their learning experiences in the class. There will be daily Reading, Writing, Maths activity and a small STEAM activity within the Seesaw platform 

I have set up an EPIC account for the class to read extra books if they choose too, the link and password will be sent via Seesaw. I will also set a weekly quiz up on this platform that your child can choose to do if they are feeling like they would like a challenge or something a little extra to do if it is a rainy day.

Please remember that our aim  is that your child will enjoy it and engage with you, showing you what they are learning. It is all relevant to what we are learning in class and will hopefully facilitate discussion with your child about their learning via Zoom 

Thank you 

Delhi Brewer



Kia Ora Tāwhirimātea Families

I hope you are all safe and well and enjoying your

Please check your emails on Monday morning for your child’s
Seesaw code as all of our distance learning activities will be sent out via
Seesaw. I have also sent you all an email with some extra ideas and websites
that you can use during this time – if you haven’t received these emails please
check your junk folders. Failing this please email me and I will resend

What to expect over the coming days:

A variety of new activities will be uploaded on Seesaw each
day at 9am. These are NOT compulsory. Your child can pick and choose or adapt
activities to best suit your learning environment. Some of the activities such
as STEAM projects will be designed to extend over the week. Have fun with these
as a family or your child can work on them by themselves. We love to see all
the other wonderful ideas you come up with at home. Family games, building
projects, fitness, cooking etc are all fantastic experiences for your children.
If they wish to share these on Seesaw than please do! 

We will have regular Zoom meetings to touch base – I am
excited to see all the smiley faces again!

Take care and be kind to one-another,

Noho tawhiti, tū kotahi

Leslee Swete





Hi Ranginui Whanau

We are in this together!    We begin distance learning on Monday and I am sure we will make the best of it.  Ranginui children will use seesaw as their learning platform.  Each child will use their unique QR code to sign in, where, they will see a weekly overview of activities and support resources.  These are all optional, but can be worked through task by task if needed.  They cover, numeracy, literacy, physical Ed, and social/emotional aspects.  A weekly challenge is also included. My main thoughts are that you are all safe and well.  We have a great team supporting each other, and ways of communicating  are all in place.  

Kia Kaha

Joslyn Ruzsa



Dear Hinemoana children and families,

I hope this note finds you all safe and well as we navigate lockdown for a second time around. As I am sure you are all aware we will be starting our distance learning on Monday 23rd August. 

All our distance learning will be on the platform Seesaw (which children will be familiar with from using in class). Seesaw can be accessed online or by downloading the app – app.seesaw.me. Children need to click ‘I am a student’ and from there enter in their code which will arrive in parent’s emails on Monday morning. We will also be scheduling some Zooms over this time with our first Zoom this Monday morning at 9.30am! I would absolutely love, where possible, for everyone in Hinemoana to come along for a catch-up and maybe even a couple of games (Zoom links will be sent to parent inboxes.) 

Hinemoana’s distance learning will look a lot different to how we do things in the classroom! Each day on Seesaw there will be a range of activities for children to work through (maths, writing, spelling, reading, STEAM, fitness etc), picking and choosing what works for you all as a family. Some activities will need a device but many will not, encouraging children to be ‘hands-on’, outside and collaborating with others in their ‘bubble’. Some activities will be able to be completed in a short amount of time, whereas others, such as a STEAM activity can be over a few days. Children can click the ‘green tick’ when they have finished their response to an activity. This sends it to me where I can have a look and comment back. There is also the option to click ‘save draft’ and come back to it later .

Most learning should be able to be completed independently, however there may be times where you need to read and talk through an activity with your child initially. Of course, activities are just a guide and you should feel free to take ownership over these to suit your child and family best. I know everyone has numerous other tasks on their plate each day! 

I would love to hear from your child and family over the next few days if you have time (and see you at our Zoom!) via Seesaw but of course my email is always there too – brittanyl@sawyersbay.school.nz. Feel free to contact me with questions, concerns, feedback or whatever else! 

Lastly, just like last time, be kind and compassionate to yourselves and others as we do our bit for the second time around! 

Ngā mihi nui, 

Brittany Laing

Tane Mahuta

Kia ora students, families and caregivers of Tane Mahuta

For lockdown learning in Tāne Māhuta, we’re going to have a little matrix of activities to follow each day. These will be posted to Seesaw and assigned or explained through that forum. There will be approximately four activities to work through each day with a mix of online and at-home, hands-on learning. I would love to see different parts of this learning posted and/or sent to me through Seesaw. 

This learning will begin on Monday 23/08, if you have any issues with accessing the learning or understanding the instructions please be in touch and I will do my best to help you out.

Stay safe and look after those in your bubbles, 

Talk soon,

Sophie Tenci.