Vision & Values

School Values – At Sawyers Bay School, we value learners who are:

Thinkers – Learners who ask questions, investigate, reflect, create, show flexibility and empathy and can make decisions.

Risk takers – Learners who challenge themselves, thrive on new learning, be brave, feel supported, be resilient, be confident, be involved.

Collaborators – Learners who can work as a team, support each other, show tolerance, demonstrate respect for themselves and others and who co-operate.

Communicators – Learners who can share and interpret information, thoughts and experiences using a variety of forms of communication. Actively listen to others and be able to respond with a positive, friendly manner.

Self-managers – Learners who take responsibility for their actions, their words and their learning, set and strive towards

goals, be respectful, be courteous, be reflective, be a problem-solver with a ‘can do’ attitude.